Laura English 
Art & Photography

"Offering a fresh perspective on the familiar"


It all started when a little girl saw her older sister's sketches of their favorite Disney characters. She was AMAZED! Pulling the Disney books from the hallway shelves, she found her own pencils and paper and began drawing . . . looking back and forth from the published pictures to her own works, she drew and erased and drew and erased. (Little did she know that her sister had CHEATED and traced HER drawings!) 

There was joy in the process. There was pride when she admired her creations, just as there was pride whenever she found her coloring pages tacked up on the walls in the exam rooms of her pediatrician, Dr. Gray. Amidst the many-colored masterpieces of other children, she could always find her a coloring page of Santa Clause and the green and black picture of a poor baby doll.