Laura English 
Art & Photography

"Offering a fresh perspective on the familiar"

About Us

Treasure hunting . . . seeing things that others miss . . . has been a driving force throughout my life. This is seen in my hunt for hope and beauty in the broken lives of those who enter my psychotherapy office. It is also evident as I carry my Canon Rebel with me wherever I go, looking for the unusual . . . looking for something that speaks to my soul. It is seen as I open God's word, as music of worship fills the air, and as I listen for the whisper of God's voice of truth. "Giving voice" to those things by creating visual representations with paint and brush or the click of the shutter in my lens is so satisfying to me. I have been sharing this with others in the form of gifts until now. With so much affirmation from those who have seen my work, it's time for me to show and sell at art festivals, online and wherever this new venture takes me.

What do I offer? I paint canvases with Scripture passages and words to songs that people request. I take photo shoots of families and events (NO WEDDINGS, however). I paint silhouettes of individuals (and can do so by receiving emailed photos of the profiles of the models). And finally, I love putting together unique slide shows where I tell stories by strategically place photos with music, timing each slide according to the tempo of the music. It's a laborious process, but is worth the effort when the end result is a breath-taking show for a wedding, a birthday celebration, an anniversary, a funeral, a missions trip recap, or other special event.

                                                          Thank you for your interest, God bless!